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what makes the Gunden Multi-line Agency different from other Competitors:
  • Total Protection: Our agents take a unique holistic approach to protecting your family and your assets 
  • ​Total Care: Face the truth. Most insurance agents don't care about you or your family. They merely want the business. We care.
  • Total Strategy: We know you have worked hard to acquire your assets and we develop coverage strategies that ensure full protection of your income, future income, and retirement goals. After all shouldn't the insurance you're paying for do the ONE thing its meant to do? Protect you and your assets from a catastrophe.
  • Total Uniqueness: We are not another low price, low cost, race to the bottom and barely protect you kind of company. We simply do things differently. Because we understand YOU are different. Your family situation and specific needs will never fit into a cookie cutter insurance package. Nor would we want it too. 
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Hi, I'm Holly Eastman
I have had some personal, and professional experiences with insurance, regarding loss. Witnessing the joy's, and also the hardships first hand makes me strive to help individuals, and their loved ones; making sure their protected if the worst should happen.

I chose a career with the Gunden Agency because I care about the people in Michigan. 

For over 18 years now, I have been in the customer service industry. My goal is always to help my clients to the best of my ability. Whether it be a small, or large task.

I am a licensed multi-line agent
Auto / home / renters / commercial insurance

Above all I Build relationships. I protect others & their families
Personal and professional experience with insurance
Joys & Hardships of being insured vs not
Strive to help others, and their loved ones
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